DAO Co., Ltd Introduction

    DAO Co., Ltd, a company creating the new values will become

    A new wave and World No. 1 with the challenge and the passion.

    DAO creates the new values constantly.

    Our goal is to develop the technology the product which enables the
    comfortable delivery of information.
    The way that receives and communicates with the information of
    human with five senses! DAO has considered the pleasure which
    achieves it as rewarding job and now continues creating the new
    values with such challenge.

    Excellent design, Cool-headed planning

    DAO gives our customers a true satisfaction and pleasure by moving their mind with
    inventive idea and innovative products.
    We are opening the new start by presenting the customers the pleasure the new start by
    presenting the customers the pleasure of both the ownership and the use with human-oriented
    products which any customer in the world and use easily and developing the creative business model ceaselessly.

    New perspective, Redesign your Lifestyle

    We rediscover the things that have existed in our daily lives from a new perspective,
    which changes the value. To make true “Quality of Life” which changes the life style of the customers through the rediscovery of
    life as well as simply to pursue the satisfaction with using the product, it is the corporate philosophy of DAO.

  • CEO Message

    Welcome to visiting DAO’s website.

    While the world is facing the fast advancement of technology and the fast change of environment,
    computer and internet make people pen their future themselves by playing a role in creating the
    new values in the center of such change and giving any person chances.

    We will take the head in creating the new values taking the lead of future change based on the
    differentiated and continued challenge spirit.

    We will lead out in creating the new area with creativity, passion and innovation taking the lead
    of change in market by the development of form factor leading the global market beyond the
    existing framework through the strengthened investment to R&D and design.

  • DAO Certifications

    DAO takes the lead in the technical power with many different certifications.

  • DAO Worldwide Sales

    DAO is committed to realizing World No. 1